Get out the vote for CirrusMD at Denver Startup Week 2016

For years, Denver Startup Week has celebrated amazing local entrepreneurial energy, innovation, and talent by bringing together multiple communities: tech, design, DIY-making, marketing, and leadership. This year’s Startup Week, running Sept. 12-16, will be no different.

I was asked to organize and lead a new digital health "cluster" that cuts across each of the formal founder, developer, growth, product, designer and maker tracks. The community responded in a big way with over 40 of the 944 submissions focusing on digital health. Take a minute to vote for your favorite topics.

As one of many startups thriving in Denver, CirrusMD submitted two exciting panels for you to consider—I hope you help them come to life:

The importance of UX in today's digital health apps The effectiveness of an online platform, check that – the effectiveness of anything – is dependent on one key factor, user experience. The old school healthcare industry has been flipped upside-down by a steady stream of digital health apps coming on the market. Consumers of these apps demand nothing but the simplest and most useful experiences – not unlike what they demand of their social, photography and messaging apps. Join me and friends from the Denver digital health community as we discuss how we work hard to bring best in class consumer grade experiences to our users.

Driving Patient Engagement in a Digital Health World These days there is an app or wearable device for just about anything, especially in the healthcare world. But those devices and platforms only bring value to wearer or the organization paying for the device if they are actually used. Companies can’t rely on consumers to just use their tool because they asked them nicely – rather, they need to implement effective marketing and outreach programs to drive awareness and utilization of the device over time. Join CirrusMD and our digital health friends as we discuss how best to drive continued patient engagement and drive value to the end user and payer.

While I hope you support CirrusMD's own panel submissions, I really hope you vote for topics that excite you and then in September, get out and join the community and support Denver Startup Week and the spirit it brings. Voting is open until July 15.