We can build that better

The first half of 2016 has been full of big changes at CirrusMD including new clients, partners, our own office space and employees; and the product team has been cranking away to support all of the new opportunities – and still smiling of course…

We began the year offering a native iOS app and directed our friends running Android to use mobile Chrome when accessing the platform, but we’ve since launched an exclusive Android app for RMHP members. With over half of the mobile devices market belonging to Android smart phones and tablets, this was a crucial step to ensure as many patients as possible have access to a health care via our platform.

The product team has also been busy completely re-designing and re-writing our CirrusMD web app from the ground up. This first major update in over 18 months makes us the first in the market to take advantage of the subtle nuances that have proliferated messaging platforms bringing best practices to virtual care encounters. The completely redesigned solution allows local doctors staffing the platform to serve even more patients than ever before— effectively managing and multi-tasking a larger patient population via text and video.

We know that when you want to talk to a doctor, like right now, you don’t want to have to fumble through a cumbersome sign-up process, so our team has streamlined and simplified the registration and onboarding process to be friction free. We’ve also added an in-app tutorial to show you just how simple it is to have a virtual visit via text messaging. Plus, the team improved the transition from text messaging to a video visit and vice versa, so your conversation with the doctor isn’t interrupted or disjointed.

We are a small but nimble and talented team and hope you like the upgrades we’ve shown you so far this year.