CirrusMD is different

It’s an exciting time in health care as the transition to value-based care has created many new problems that require innovative approaches and solutions. I've had the opportunity and privilege to work with many strong teams over the course of my career; including several Venture/PE backed and large global companies such as Hewlett Packard, Agilent Technologies and Philips Healthcare. Most recently, my work has brought me to the early stage virtual care company CirrusMD and I'm super impressed with their creativity and commitment to solving many of the tough problems in health care. CirrusMD is based in Denver, which appears to be a great environment for healthcare start-ups. If Silicon Valley is the fast moving consumer tech city, and Nashville is the traditional, slower moving brick and mortar city of health care, Denver looks to be a healthy balance of both.

CirrusMD believes that health care is local and is playing a meaningful role in transforming health care by focusing on communication and the doctor-patient relationship. Communication plays a vital role in life and in achieving success. This is no different in health care, and there’s no more important communication than that between a patient and his or her doctor. CirrusMD understands patient and doctor preferences and how to nurture a patient relationship within the health system. Hint, it’s all about local doctors. 

CirrusMD is a physician and clinician driven organization focused on playing a meaningful role in the transformation to value based care. The founder, Dr. Blake McKinney is a practicing ED physician who leverages his clinical practice to observe the natural behaviors of his patients. The most significant observation is that his patients prefer to text him to any other form of communication. And over time he noticed that he was effectively taking care of his patients almost exclusively via text. It also occurred to him that this was a scalable workflow, one that would work well in a value-based healthcare system providing a significant contribution to health care. 

I am enjoying my work with CirrusMD in part because they are not taking short cuts or generating hype, rather they are focused on results, hard evidence and data. I admire their focus on value-based care and bold positioning statement “telemedicine done right.” There’s been a lot of hype around telemedicine, a ton of money raised, and unfortunately very little to show in terms of utilization and outcomes. CirrusMD is different and "Telemedicine done right" means that patients love it, utilize it, and providers, payers and employers benefit by improving outcomes and lowering cost.