CirrusMD to the rescue

After months of planning, place settings, dress fittings, and cake tastings my fiancé, Sam, and I finally got to enjoy our wedding day surrounded by family and friends from near and far. The day was magical in every possible way!

The six-and-a-half hour drive the next day to our mini-moon (a few days away after the wedding for us to relax before the honeymoon we have planned for next year) was less magical. Don’t get me wrong, the drive from Denver to Telluride is beautiful, and I love spending time alone with my husband, but that’s a long time to sit in a car!

The mini-moon was great. We had plenty of time to relax alone, eat great food, wander through town and even go horseback riding on the plateaus outside of town. By the time we got home a few days later, the exhaustion that had trailed us for months had melted away and we started to feel like our normal selves again.

But we weren’t quite ourselves.

On the ride home, Sam complained of a deep bruise he’d gotten from the saddle on our horseback ride. The next day, that bruise reveled itself to actually be what looked much more like a blister that had popped. It didn’t look good.

Sam would admit the wound wasn’t ideal, but insisted it was fine.

The picture in your mind should be of a strapping young man insisting that rubbing dirt on it and taking a salt tablet would have him right as rain.

I, on the other hand, had magically transformed into a dotting wife in the last few days, and insisted he have someone look at it. It would be easy, I promised, he could use the CirrusMD app to connect him with doctor while we made dinner that night

As we prepped the veggies we’d pulled from our backyard, Sam pulled out his phone and began texting the doc. Before I’d even gotten anything thrown in a pan to sauté, Sam had an answer—make sure it’s clean, put some antibiotic cream on it, you’ll be fine.

Thrilled that his put some dirt on it theory was basically right, Sam joked with the doc.

CirrusMD had done its job—it provided newlyweds with the peace of mind that everything would be fine and it gave us both an excuse to laugh.