Dr. Melmed to speak on impact of asynchronous telemedicine at ATA

Dr. Ari Melmed, medical director for Kaiser Permanente Colorado's Chat with a Doctor program, will be speaking today about his experience implementing CirrusMD and the impact on patient outcomes at the ATA Conference Telehealth 2.0 in Orlando.

The speech is part of the overall session titled: Creating Successful On Demand Virtual Visits for Urgent Care which begins today at 11:30am EST in W224 CD of the Orlando Convention Center, Dr. Melmed will begin speaking at 12:10pm.

Check out the abstract below, video of the speech will be posted as it becomes available.

Chat with a Doctor Talk Abstract: Facing enormous costs from their nearly 660,000 members, some of whom were unnecessarily utilizing high-cost venues (including the ED, urgent care, and nurse advice lines) when they needed medical attention quickly, Kaiser Permanente Colorado, a leader in value-based care, sought a virtual care solution that could instantly address their patients’ needs

Chat with a Doctor Highlights: KP Colorado physicians effectively diagnose and treat many conditions with the program:

  • 79% of encounters are handled with advice only or a prescription;

  • 18% of encounters are referred for appointments in the KP system;

  • 1% of chat encounters are referred to the ED.

Patient satisfaction and likelihood to recommend are extremely high, outperforming other care channels in KP Colorado because the solution improves overall patient engagement by providing a responsive service for patients to access care and answers to their questions.