Five years later, and we’re just scratching the surface of what’s possible

Today, CirrusMD marks our fifth anniversary!

We are extremely proud to have beaten the odds and survived the monumental challenges that come with being an early-stage digital health startup. Building a company in our market is not an easy task—more than 51% of digital health startups fail within two years. To make it this far we’ve had to raise money from investors, weather long sales cycles, innovate new business models for the transition to value-based care, clear regulatory requirements, and prove out a completely new physician access concept—all while working with some of the largest healthcare payers and providers in the country. The crazy part to me is that it feels like we are just getting started!

When my co-founder, Dr. Blake McKinney, convinced me to join him in building CirrusMD our vision was simple: how can we let all patients connect with a doctor in the same way that his friends and family do, by texting?

Today, 1.2 million patients around the country can do just that. From that patient population we have enabled tens of thousands of encounters with local, in-network doctors, generally in less than a minute. We’ve witnessed doctors handling everything from simple, straight forward patient concerns to complex, acute conditions. Most importantly, we are providing patients with peace of mind by connecting them directly with a doctor who can help manage whatever their concern might be. Whether sickness strikes at 9am or long after most doctors have left their offices for the day, CirrusMD is there to help.

As we look forward, we are beginning to explore what artificial intelligence and natural language processing can do to make physicians on our platform even more efficient and further enhance continuity of care for patients. Over the past several years we have created the largest database of natural language communications between patients and doctors, and we’re now exploring what can be learned from studying how patients communicate with doctors. We’re also pushing the envelope for the telemedicine industry by proving that our continuity-driven approach can enable a new level of complex care to be delivered virtually (up to 40 percent of our encounters consist of complex care).

There is no crystal ball to see exactly what the next five years will bring for the team at CirrusMD, but we do know we’re just scratching the surface of what virtual care can mean for patients, providers, and payers around the country, and the whole team is excited to be along for the ride.