Patients can access all of their healthcare providers with CirrusMD

Over the last several months, our development team has been diligently working on an innovative offering from CirrusMD which will allow a patient to engage with multiple providers on the platform, a departure from our current one-to-one model. The cutting-edge initiative, called Easy Care Colorado, is being championed with a core partner of ours, Rocky Mountain Health Plans. Upon release, Easy Care Colorado will extend the reach of our virtual care platform and supplement Rocky's primary service, MyDigitalMD, which simplifies access to urgent health care. 

Of course, practices participating in Easy Care Colorado on the state’s Western Slope will have access to the same easy to use, HIPAA-compliant messaging and video platform that’s used for MyDigitalMD. The platform supports web, iOS and Android and we’ll continue to integrate our virtual encounter data with all the right systems—Health Information Exchanges or the patient's EMR/EHR—to ensure the right workflows are triggered and we deliver on our promise of improved continuity of care.

That being said, there are several features that are new and unique to the Easy Care Colorado offering. We’re developing Easy Care so that with a single login, patients can gain access to each of the practices and services for which they’re eligible. That means a member will log in and potentially have access to their primary care physician, behavioral therapist, a virtual emergency room doc in case they are in need of urgent care, and best of all, their familiar care coordinator. By providing access to all of their clinicians in one place, the hope is that patients will have better outcomes as a result of seeing the right provider at the right time, without the traditional barriers to care that come with living in a more rural community.

The underlying architecture to support the types of relationships described here is complex. When a member messages their coordinator with a question the on-call nurse should answer, they should be seamlessly brought into the conversation. The same is true if the asynchronous messaging between the coordinator and member turns out to be inefficient and the patient's PCP should be brought in via an on-demand video visit. Our platform also allows for scheduled weekly 30-minute video visits with a therapist, for example, that occur on the member's iPad, saving a 45-minute drive into a clinic.

These are common scenarios that sound simple to handle in a brick-and-mortar setting; however, this is a huge step forward for our virtual platform, and an even bigger step for the folks receiving medical care. The intuitive user experience we’re developing allows these members to seamlessly choose the caregiver they want to communicate privately with, and at what time they want that conversation to happen.

Learn more about Easy Care Colorado in the new year, and if you’re a member of the practices involved in the program, we hope you enjoy the convenience and simplicity of being able to access all of your healthcare services in one place.