So, you're thinking of building it yourselves?

We're a small team and everybody chips in everywhere, so over the past 18 months I've had the pleasure of sitting in on numerous sales meetings, pitches, investor meetings and discovery workshops. And it's not uncommon to hear—either under someone's breath in the meeting itself or in the weeks to follow—the feedback that the other party is considering replicating CirrusMD's virtual healthcare platform themselves.

So it's that easy, right?

Well, first of all, I'm flattered you think the platform my team and I built is so simple and easy to use, flattering to the eye, and produces solid medical outcomes. Apologies in advance, but even luddite doctors think it's a breeze.

Well, truth be told, we make it look easy, but it's not. We work with dozens of technology partners to provide our secure and straightforward, industry compliant telemedicine platform. We are submitted to thorough, independent security audits regularly, where every rock is overturned, probably twice. We gather specific, individual feedback from every provider and patient encounter on the platform to ensure a best in class user experience. The entire in-house team smoke tests the platform before every release, a practice encouraged by a well-respected company we try to emulate, Slack, "to confront its imperfections" and to make sure our product is the best it can be. Many tedious small tasks that required research, patience, and diligence over the course of years have gotten us where we are today.

So, when I hear a potential partner say they'll just do it themselves, of course I encourage them not to try, and instead work with us because we've already run the gauntlet and it hasn't been easy. But if I can't convince them, I smile to myself and hope to see them soon when they realize what CirrusMD is doing and has done is a lot harder than it looks.