Two years later

On June 1, 2015, I eagerly started my new product+ gig at CirrusMD. A year later, I wrote a blog post about how far we had come—a growing team, a real office, a maturing platform. Last Thursday marked two years with this remarkable company and I’m happy to report, we’re even more grown up and having more fun than ever.

We’ve seen remarkable growth with utilization, platform development (supporting new use cases and customers), but also grown the overall team through extremely wise and calculated hiring decisions.

In 2015, I was the fourth full time employee hire and we’ve smartly grown the team to be 23 full time employees. In the past year on the product/engineering team alone, we’ve brought design leadership in house with a talented creative director, Taylor, who is a true unicorn with UX, visual, mobile/web knowledge, and even front end skills. We have a dedicated data person in Doris, a 20 year IBM vet who is dialing in our analytics. The development team itself has doubled in size in this past year with expertise added in Android, front end chops, and even a full stack guy that loves Rails. We even have QA!

To highlight a few new customers, last fall we launched a Care Transitions program to support a killer new use case for us – unnecessary emergency room readmission avoidance – with an amazing partner, EMC, in the Dallas Metroplex. Later in November, we turned on Chat with a Doc with Kaiser Permanente Colorado, providing 650,000 Kaiser members with the ability to chat with dedicated KP doctors 7 days a week. Just this spring we began offering virtual urgent care to a large Medicaid population in Maryland with another amazing partner, Maryland Physicians Care.

These last two years are hopefully just the beginning. I couldn’t be prouder to be part of this amazing group and see where we – the platform/the business/the team will be in another year.