What is really going on behind ER waiting doors?

It is no secret that doctors are overworked and running low on empathy for their patients. Our very own Dr. Alex Mohseni, CirrusMD doctor, poured his heart out in an article discussing his own challenges with the broken healthcare system. Not only does he touch on the overarching idea that our healthcare system is money hungry, but also the direct correlation between the growing obesity epidemic and food policies implemented by our very own government. Corn subsidies are at their highest, while our waistlines and chronic illness numbers are also at their highest.

Doctors are tired of drowning in paperwork with less face to face time with patients. Healthcare has become a business in one way or another. One that is treating sickness and dodging documentation, rather than taking preventative measures with proper nutrition within unhealthy populations. Hence WHY healthcare has become such a dirty word.

Doctors (like Dr. Mohseni) are growing tired of being forced to ignore the patient care aspect to direct attention to billing, electronic medical records (EMR) and expediting care to get faster admissions. This results in the loss of desire to help, which is the primary reason most physicians set out to be a doctor in the first place. Luckily, providers are finding a home with us here at CirrusMD. We are at the forefront of transforming how healthcare should be delivered  efficiently and effectively. Our docs use a chat-based virtual care platform to communicate with patients making it more cost effective for both patient and their health insurance by avoiding unnecessary emergency visits. Nothing is ever rushed nor is it all about only acute conditions, but rather maintenance on creating a healthier lifestyle to stay OUT of the hospital!

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Taylor Dollarhide