Care transitons

Enhanced continuity of care to minimize readmission rates for vulnerable patients and assist all patients as they move across care settings.


Stay in touch

Reengage, improve brand loyalty, and prevent system leakage

Keep your patients in-network with CirrusMD’s easy-to-use, HIPAA compliant solution.

Now your patients can chat, share images, even have a video visit to ask questions related to their recent hospital visit with a doctor without leaving their home.


Patients vote with their feet

Of patients who return to the hospital after discharge, 32 percent go to a different hospital than where they were originally treated. 

Additionally, a third of patients with chronic conditions leave the ER with no appointment for follow-up care and 8 percent of patients will return to the ER within 72 hours.

This fragmented care puts your safety, quality, and patient satisfaction at risk. 




Chat, share images, even ask questions over video related to their recent hospital visit to a doctor without leaving their home.

  • Treat members via chat, what they are demanding
  • Secure and HIPAA compliant platform
  • Reduce ED returns and 30-day readmissions

  • Prevent leakage from your system

  • Enhance the patient experience for satisfaction and increased loyalty

  • Improve patient safety and care quality




Case Study

Learn how one health system put Care Transitions to work for them

In the highly competitive Dallas market, one physician group was looking to improve patient safety, enhance care quality, and improve patient satisfaction for their health system clients.

See the impact Care Transitions had on their bottom line

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