Partnering for Success

Learn how CirrusMD’s virtual care delivery solution gives Kaiser Permanente members no-cost, ongoing access to the care resources they need, in under 90 seconds.

BE THE HERO of an ownable benefit to your members. Our white-labeled solution integrates seamlessly into your digital strategy, no matter what region you represent.

ACCESS ONGOING SUPPORT. From white-glove implementation to dedicated client and member engagement support, we’ve got you covered.

ELIMINATE POINT SOLUTIONS. CirrusMD scales with your needs and seamlessly bridges your clinical and non-clinical resources when you’re ready to expand your virtual care ecosystem.

MAXIMIZE YOUR EFFICIENCY. Our chat-powered solution leverages the asynchronous power of chat to drive high-quality, one-to-many member care relationships.

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Get Up and Running Right Away. We’ve enabled Single-Sign-On (SSO) to portal and an embedded SDK on the mobile app, making it simple to add members and regions without requiring additional development.

Skip the negotiations. We’ve signed a national Master Services Agreement with Kaiser permanente, and program pricing has already been approved.

No regional audit needed. CirrusMD has passed all accessibility audits, TRO security review, and penetration testing. We are in a cycle of regular review, so an additional audit isn’t needed for your region.

Integrate without the headache. The SDK (Software Developer’s Kit) integration to the KP mobile app has gone through all DEC build and approval, and custom a messaging platform integrates push notification. New releases are submitted every two weeks with bug fixes and enhancements based on customer feedback.