Learn how CirrusMD helped one partner increase member satisfaction, significantly reduce unnecessary ER visits, and drive member utilization rates up to 3x industry averages.


In a competitive Texas-based market, a large commercial health insurance provider (“health plan”) continually aims to control costs while ensuring best-in-class access to high-quality care. They sought a virtual care solution that would enable them to drive high member utilization, more efficiently resolve urgent clinical issues, and improve both member satisfaction and brand loyalty while continuing to manage in-network referral streams and differentiate their brand in a crowded market. The health plan needed a virtual care solution that would provide a world-class experience to their members - and positively impact external perception of their brand.


The health plan partnered with CirrusMD in 2017 and leveraged the CirrusMD Signature platform to create a virtual care delivery. The white-labeled app gives members chat-enabled access to a dedicated physician in 90 seconds or less - on members’ terms and timelines. Since launch, the partnership has...

  • 18.6%

    Annualized Utilization

  • 48%

    Loyal Return Users

  • $398

    Approximate savings per avoidance