It's not just telemedicine, CirrusMD's Virtual Care Platform is your member patients' Front Door to your organization


Simple to Complex

With the CirrusMD Virtual Care Platform, you can cover it all, virtually!

Whereas traditional telehealth has focused on the simplest health care use cases, CirrusMD's Virtual Care Platform allows for the practice of advanced, coordinated medicine, remotely via our novel asynchronous chat-based workflow. So whether your patients have a simple to treat eye infection, or need assistance over time to manage a chronic condition, it can all be handled with one tool using CirrusMD.

Instant Access

Success is measured in seconds, not days or weeks.

With CirrusMD, virtual care expands beyond the basic episodic, transactional, one-off care approach. Our Virtual Care Platform allows you to serve your patients quickly—average physician response time is <90 seconds—so they don’t go to your competition or forget you the next time they need help.


It's about the bottom line

By practicing advanced, coordinated medicine via chat, CirrusMD's Virtual Care Platform is less expensive per encounter than the Nurse Advice Line

An internal review done by the largest Integrated Delivery Network in the country found an encounter on CirrusMD's Virtual Care Platform was 48 percent the cost of one on their Nurse Advice Line, 10 percent of a competing video eVisit, and just 2 percent of a visit to the Emergency Department.

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dedicated Providers

Local Care is Better Care.

While traditional telemedicine companies rely on doctors around the country to staff their platforms who might be multi-tasking while they treat patients, CirrusMD allows healthcare organizations to use their own doctors or take advantage of the Cirrus Provider Network which is staffed by dedicated emergency physicians familiar with the area they serve, meaning when they are providing care for your patients, that's the only thing they are doing.

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patient satisfaction

Patients with access to CirrusMD are quick to sing our praises

Patients as consumers are demanding the ability to instantly connect with their healthcare provider via the communication modality they're most comfortable with—chat—and their getting it with CirrusMD.

The largest Integrated Delivery Network in the country has a Net Promoter Score of 65 for their white labeled version of the CirrusMD Virtual Care Platform, by comparison in 2015 the same company was an industry leader with a Net Promoter Score for the company as a whole of just 31.

Don't just take our word for it

Check out some of the many testimonials we have captured from our patients, providers, and payers from around the country.



We've demonstrated up to 10x higher utilization than industry average

We think it's pretty simple. Give patients what their demanding, remind them why they love it, and watch your utilization rates soar. By combining our industry leading Virtual Care Platform with our experience in patient engagement we can ensure the success of your virtual care program with utilization as high as 16 percent.



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