Why CirrusMD?

Keep your members healthy and happy with your plan by providing them with instant access to the Virtual Care Platform.  

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Barrier Free Instant Access to Care

Success is measured in seconds, not days or weeks.

With CirrusMD, virtual care expands beyond the basic episodic, transactional, one-off care approach. Our Virtual Care Platform allows you to serve your patients quickly—average physician response time is <90 seconds—so they don’t go to your competition or forget you the next time they need help.

Built for enterprise

Our platform is built to scale across your organization.

Delight your members with the only enterprise grade HIPAA compliant chat platform with the ability to video visit, image share and phone members.  We allow you to staff with our providers, your clinical and non-clinical care teams.



The CirrusMD Provider Network

Provide the highest quality of virtual care to your members at the lowest cost.

Our board-certified Physicians staff the CirrusMD Virtual Care Platform on behalf of our client partners.  We help keep members out of the Emergency Department by resolving their health concerns directly on our platform.


The lowest cost solution

By practicing advanced, coordinated medicine via chat, The CirrusMD Virtual Care Platform is less expensive per encounter than your Nurse Advice Line.

An internal review done by the largest Integrated Delivery Network in the USA found a 48% cost savings from encounters made on the Virtual Care Platform vs. their Nurse Advice Line. Resolve your member's health concerns by giving them instant access to the quality care they are seeking now.

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From low to high acuity encounters

Give your members access to a virtual care solution to resolve their needs!

Provide your members with the most efficient way to access quality care. Our secure, affordable solution handles the lowest to the highest acuity cases; plus our doctors can stay in touch with patients over the course of an illness. They can even hand off to your own clinical or non-clinical staff when available.


Member/patient satisfaction

Hear directly from your members and increase your NPS score.

Patients, as consumers, are demanding the ability to instantly connect with their healthcare provider via the communication modality they're most comfortable with—chat.

We've proven to increase member satisfaction and NPS scores.  After each encounter, we survey members and get direct feedback on care quality, their experience and how likely they are to recommend this service.  We deliver this all to you so you can have your finger on the pulse member satisfaction.

Don't just take our word for it

Check out some of the many testimonials we capture everyday on behalf of our partners!


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