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Keep patients loyal to your health system with the ability to chat with a doctor in under 1 minute.


How it works


Patients are demanding instant access to care.

CirrusMD allows your patients to chat with a system affiliated doctor in under a minute; the doctor can assess their needs, treat them, or guide them to the most appropriate point of in-network care.

Provide greater continuity of care, effectively addresses 30-day readmissions, and achieve 98% patient satisfaction—translating to increased patient loyalty.

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Differentiated Physician Staffing Model

Our first-of-its-kind approach effectively scales physician resources so you need 67% fewer doctors to manage the same population size—meaning greater savings for your bottom line.

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Built for the future of health care

CirrusMD was developed for the transition to value based care. Our platform enables your physicians to provide better continuity of care without requiring patients to come into the office for every visit, so your health system can reserve bricks and mortar visits for more complex issues.

Virtually connect your patients with your health system's in-network service through CirrusMD, differentiating you from other systems, increasing loyalty to your hospitals.


Establish Brand Loyalty

CirrusMD is white labeled to match your brand and integrated for an effective flow of information between the patient, their PCP, and your health system.

Very impressed with this service. I used it twice with questions about my medications and the healing process, a Dr responded within minutes. I have already and will continue to recommend [the health system] to friends and family!
— User in Texas

Use Cases

CirrusMD is the one source you need to meet all your virtual care needs:

  • Virtual Acute Care

  • Post-Acute Care / Discharge

  • Behavioral Health

  • Care Team Coordination
  • Home Health Care
  • Chronic Disease Management


With CirrusMD, you can:

  • Reduce Emergency Room returns and 30-day readmissions;
  • Redirect patients from the ED to the virtual ED physician;
  • Assist patient navigation of your network resources through an effective care manager; and
  • Reduce readmissions, improve patient safety, care quality, and satisfaction.


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