CirrusMD provides a single access point for patient navigation and care delivery


Your Members deserve
Instant Access

Remove barriers and make it easy for patients to instantly connect with both clinical and non-clinical resources.

Our chat-based platform guides members to the most appropriate resource for their care needs, through a single point of entry.

Why CirrusMD?

It's time for a Virtual Care Platform to deliver the right care at the right time—as conveniently and cost-effectively as possible.

CirrusMD has the only Virtual Care Platform that allows patients to connect with an in-network doctor or non-clinical resources  via secure chat messaging. We connect patients in under 1 minute to resources that suit their health care needs or guide them to the most appropriate point of in-network care through their mobile device or computer.

We believe efficient communication is what ultimately leads to better patient outcomes—proven with over 80% of encounters resolved on the CirrusMD platform with no further follow up needed. 


A Familiar experience Means High Utilization


CirrusMD offers the first real-time secure chat-first work flow with the ability to switch on video or phone calls in an instant.

  • 100% in-network referrals

  • Up to 10x higher utilization than industry average

  • Average doctor response time of <90 seconds

  • 85% of encounters are chat-only