Break Barriers. Build Trust.

When you create care experiences members love, trust and engagement follow. Explore the power of barrier-free care conversation.


A Better Way to Connect.

We put empowering care access in your members’ hands - and the power to drive engagement and loyalty in yours.


Members can connect to a doctor within 60 seconds from phone or web with an easy, intuitive chat interface. Need to share photos, or prefer to use phone or video to connect? No problem- CirrusMD supports these functions, too.



Members can breathe easy knowing they can chat with doctors as long as they’d like, whenever it fits in their day. The conversation doesn’t end until they get the answers - and peace of mind - they need.



Unlike many telehealth solutions, members don’t have to pay up front when they want to access care. One tap of the app and cost-free care conversation is ready to begin.



Members don’t just get a diagnosis - they get guidance. From, prescriptions, to reassurance regarding worrisome unknowns, to navigating resources through the entire care journey, CirrusMD provides trusted support.

Love Notes

“This is the best service I’ve ever experienced in health care.”
“I thought the experience was very pleasant, easy, and saved a lot of time in having to go to the doctor’s office! A+”
“Very timely and helpful! I would have wasted a lot of time, and money, to have a simple question answered.”
“I am technologically challenged, and it was easy. The doctor asked appropriate questions to ensure proper treatment. I was very pleasantly surprised.”
“If you’re looking for quality, immediate feedback about a medical issue, [this] is what you want. The doctor I chatted with was compassionate, kind, and knowledgeable.”
“The app was convenient and easy to navigate. The doctor was immediately available. Great service and peace of mind without leaving home!”