Virtual care, designed around humans.

“Virtual Care” sounds great until you realize it’s the same brick and more experience, brought online. Pay-for-play costs, wait times, a finite window to try and describe what’s wrong with you, and guidance that disappears as soon as you get a diagnosis. The system isn’t made for members to enjoy the experience. It’s no wonder that the National average for Telehealth utilization is under 7%.

That’s why we created CirrusMD - a on-demand, human-powered care solution that people actually love to use. Access a board-certified, dedicated physician in less than 90 seconds through a familiar chat interface from any mobile phone or web-enabled device whenever and wherever it fits in their day. There’s no pay-to-play barrier. And conversation lasts as long as members need to get the answers - and peace of mind - to manage their wellness. Our platform’s effected utilization rates more than 3x National Telehealth averages, average member satisfaction rates of up to 96%, and loyal return users of more than 50%.