Our Story

Breaking Barriers and Building Trust Since 2012.


How It All Started

We were founded in 2012 when co-founder Blake McKinney, an emergency physician, realized the transformative role of telemedicine in the future of health care.

Fueled by frustrating experiences observed in his own emergency department, Dr. McKinney founded CirrusMD in 2012 as a hyper-accessible, chat-enabled solution that eliminates traditional barriers patients and physicians face when trying to access - and provide - legacy fee-for-service care.

CirrusMD now partners with many of the country’s largest payers and integrated delivery networks to empower millions of patients with barrier-free, on-demand access to human care conversation - right from the palm of their hand.

Our Vision

The Nation’s preferred partner for first-touch care delivery - for anyone, any time.

Our Values

human conversation.png

Human Conversation

There is no substitute for it.


Data-Driven Quality

Don’t just make it the best; prove it’s the best


User Experience

Design it to wow people



Make it incredibly easy for every single person to get what they need to thrive


Positive Change

If we think we can’t improve it, we try harder



Understanding our world starts with empathy for the people in it