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Virtual Acute Care

The Right Care at the Right Time

When acute medical issues come up, patients choose where to get care based on convenience, often ending up in the ER, even if that isn’t the best place to receive care. As many as 71 percent of ED visits are unnecessary and avoidable.

When you’re sick, you don’t want to sit in a waiting room or in a virtual queue to get the help you need—you want instant access to care. Guide your patients to the best point of care for their condition using the technology they’re demanding.



Being discharged doesn’t have to mean patients are cut off from the doctor

The 72 hours after a patient is discharged from the hospital is the time when they’re most likely to return—whether a result of continuing symptoms, anxiety about symptom progression, inability to access follow-up care, or questions related to treatment plan or prescriptions. All of which have potential repercussions for patient safety, care quality, and satisfaction with service.

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Chronic Disease Management

Help patients with chronic diseases and health conditions better understand their condition and live successfully with it.

CirrusMD's chat-first workflow allows for care coordination and health education to take place virtually. Rather than requiring your chronic disease patients to take an appointment in your brick-and-mortar facilities, provide them with the care they need through their computer or mobile device—improving outcomes and patient satisfaction with one click!

Care Coordination

Integrating patient care to improve outcomes.

Integrating the CirrusMD platform with care coordinators ensure high-quality referrals and assure both doctors and patients will have the resources they need to optimize a patient's care.


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