virtual acute care

Allow your patients to chat with a doctor in under a minute.


Health Care That Starts with a Chat

Our chat-based work flow allows doctors to treat even complicated medical conditions virtually. Now, patients can instantly access the care they need through their computer or mobile device rather than go to the ER or urgent care for same-day care.

remove barriers to care

Give your policy holders instant access to an in-network doctor who can assess their needs, treat, and guide them to the most appropriate point-of-care via chat or video.



With CirrusMD you can:

Provide greater continuity of care, and achieve member loyalty/retention and differentiator for member growth—translating to increased patient loyalty and reduced costs.

  • Treat members via chat, what they are demanding
  • Secure and HIPAA compliant platform
  • Besides chat—phone, video, and image share modalities are integrated
  • Inviting care pathway enhances your brand with custom mobile and web apps
  • Doctors assess, treat, and resolve patient health concerns
  • Serve members in one visit or over the time of a care plan—from low acuity to complex care
  • Eliminates barriers to access care
  • Optional integration with HIE or other existing systems


Everyday we hear how patients' access to Virtual Acute Care improved their quality of life and increased loyalty to their healthcare organization

 “I love the chat service...I am so happy that [this health plan] offers this service and without a doubt I will be using it again and recommending it to my friends and colleagues who also have [this] insurance.” 

-Patient of the nation’s largest Integrated Delivery Network 


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