Minnesota companies really like us. And we’re pretty charmed with you too.

Hospitality Worker
Construction Worker

Three of Minnesota's largest public companies trust our virtual care to improve employee well being and the bottom line.

Frontline and hourly worker

We’re especially popular with companies that have lots of frontline, hourly, and uninsured workers.

Rural American

Retail and hospitality chains. Manufacturers. Ag and food processors. Construction firms, and transportation companies.

Smiling retail worker at checkout

They see what we see.

That the traditional virtual care experience — schedule an appointment, close your office door, start a video conference — doesn’t work for lots of your employees.

  • Many don’t have offices.
  • They work in very public-facing, sometimes noisy environments.
  • They can’t just walk off the job to launch a video chat.

Our telehealth model works for your entire company, from your office employees to your deskless workforce.

Every doctor consultation on CirrusMD begins over text message, the go-to mode of communication for most people these days. Our virtual primary care is:

On demand.
No scheduling required.

Instantaneous. Consultations begin within 60 seconds.

Unrushed. Patients dictate the pace and cadence.