Open the virtual Front door to care for your member patients

CirrusMD is the only Virtual Care Platform to give your member patients instant access to health care.


Give Your Members Instant Access To Care


The CirrusMD Virtual Care Platform empowers efficient and more meaningful connections between member patients and healthcare organizations.

CirrusMD delivers consequential encounters for millions of members for 4-of-the-10 largest payers in the country as well as many health systems which rely on the Virtual Care Platform to power their virtual care offerings.

Your organization can now deliver immediate access to care through the communication modality healthcare consumers are demanding—chat.


Why CirrusMd?

It's time for a Virtual Care Platform to deliver the right care at the right time—as conveniently and cost-effectively as possible.

CirrusMD has the only Virtual Care Platform that allows patients to connect with an in-network doctor via secure chat messaging in under one minute who can assess their needs, treat them, or guide them to the most appropriate point of in-network care through their mobile device or computer.

We believe efficient communication is what ultimately leads to better patient outcomes—proven with over 70% of encounters resolved on the CirrusMD platform with no further follow up needed. When members talk to local providers in real time, care improves.


A Familiar Chat Interface Means High Utilization


CirrusMD offers the first real-time secure chat work flow with the ability to offer on-demand video or phone visits.

  • 100% in-network referrals
  • Up to 10x higher utilization than industry average
  • Average doctor response time of <90 seconds
  • 85% of encounters are chat-only