Real-Time Language Translation for Virtual Healthcare

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As a virtual primary care solution committed to expanding healthcare access, we’ve made language access and real-time translation core to our user experience.

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Our translation capability is built directly into our text-based web and mobile apps so that patients with limited English proficiency (LEP) can chat directly with our doctors in their primary language.

No need to integrate third-party interpreter services and medical interpreters into the process. As a result, our virtual care physicians can surmount language barriers to care for more patients.

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We’ve launched this feature with bi-directional Spanish to English, and English to Spanish real-time translation, and plan to add different languages going forward.

In addition to the chat text, patient navigation and field names are fully translated, and progress notes documenting a patient's clinical status appear in both languages.

You can see how it works in the animated example below.

CirrusMD real-time language example on iphone

Among the many benefits that this new capability provides to eligible employees or members:

  • Improved patient satisfaction that comes from being treated in your target language.
  • On-demand patient care that doesn’t require appointment scheduling or special requests for professional interpreters or multilingual clinicians.
  • CirrusMD healthcare providers can focus exclusively on providing high-quality care, and not on language interpreting.
  • Our doctors can provide healthcare services for patients and family members with auditory disabilities and who are hard of hearing, by virtue of providing chat-based care. No need for American sign language or specialized language services or medical translation services.
  • Future updates will include signup instructions, consent forms, and login credentialing provided in a patient’s primary language to promote more effective communications.
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About CirrusMD

CirrusMD is a different kind of virtual healthcare company. In less than 60 seconds, patients begin chatting with one of our healthcare professionals, then dictate the pace and cadence of the encounter. CirrusMD's integrated care is delivered by multi-specialty, board-certified doctors who treat a broad range of conditions across a spectrum of disciplines, from primary care to specialties including behavioral health and women’s health.

CirrusMD is a secure, HIPAA-compliant platform available to nearly 10 million users across all 50 states, and offered through self-funded employers, as well as commercial and government-sponsored health plans.

Learn more about CirrusMD’s integrated real-time language assistance capability.