Give employees and members what they want and they'll use it.

No waiting rooms. No appointments. No hassles. All good.


We made chatting with a doctor as easy as texting with a friend.

"This was the most convenient, productive and satisfactory medical appointment I’ve ever had. Ever.”

Deskless workers love CirrusMD

Connects users with a doctor in under 60 seconds

Privately provides text-based sessions with video if needed

Unlimited 7-day specialty consults with no referral needed


No time or location boundaries. No time or location constraints.

  • No appointments, intake forms or waiting rooms
  • Access real doctors — not bots — in under 60 seconds
  • Connect from anywhere, anytime — a crowded breakroom, a noisy work site, or outside the range of a reliable broadband connection

A simplified, informative, and discreet platform

  • Users discreetly text their concerns versus having to find a private space
  • Mobile, mobile web and desktop for ease of use
  • Simplified healthcare navigation that connects users to in-network resources

Unlimited 7-day consults with multi-specialty, integrated physicians

  • Board-certified, licensed physician coverage in all 50 states
  • Integrated care for all types of health concerns - including behavioral health
  • Evidence-based, best practice guidelines for the highest quality of care from salaried doctors

How our healthcare partners are driving telehealth utilization rates far above industry averages.


Compare us to any telemedicine platform on the market

Benefits of CirrusMD

On demand. No appointment required.

Directly connect to a doctor in less than 60 seconds.

Consultations can span 7 days and still be billed as a single encounter.

Physicians are compensated hourly rather than by completed encounters, so they are never rushed.

No broadband access required. Perfect for rural and mobile workers.

Conforms to the way that users want to consume healthcare.

Patients interact directly with a physician from start to finish.

The average consultation time per patient  for CirrusMD is 30 minutes.

Whole person care across a wide range of specialties, including behavioral health.

Physicians can seamlessly navigate patients to other benefits in their health plan.

No need to self-diagnose. Consultations begin with a primary care physician who assesses the patient’s physical and mental state.

Other Telemedicine Providers

Appointment required.

Wait 5-30 minutes to connect with a doctor.

Every consultation is billed as a  separate encounter.

Compensate physicians based on the number of completed encounters.

Video-based telemedicine platforms are optimized for broadband connections.

Designed to maximize provider efficiency and simply replicate the traditional doctor visit, including the hassle.

Patients must interact with technology like a bot or automated intake form before interacting with a doctor.

The average video-based telehealth consultation is 13.8 minutes (source: Beckers).

Point solutions or offerings limited to urgent care.

Physicians are siloed within their platform.

Patients must self diagnose their condition — including mental health — and try to select the right point solution.

Your peers have great things to say about CirrusMD


Benefits Consultants

Health Plans

“The demo was super insightful. They showed us an interaction of what it would be like for our workforce. Just seeing how quick and easy the experience was, and how quickly you could talk to their doctors and could get a response. Once we saw it, we could really appreciate it and explain it to our employees.”

Employee Benefits Leader National Retailer

“My client wanted a text-based option that included behavioral health, to address what their previous vendor did not offer. It specifically needed to be text-based. We were trying to find a way to solve the telebehavioral health gap first and ended up finding CirrusMD, which solved all the problems.”

Benefits Consultant National Professional Services Firm

“CirrusMD had a huge impact on emergency department utilization. It has been one of the highlights of our portfolio, and one of the things that makes us stand out as different from other carriers. It’s been a great decision.”

Chief Product Officer Health Plan