Imagine a New Care Delivery Experience

The point of care meets the moment of need at CirrusMD. Physician-first Care & Guidance — the sweet spot of care delivery.

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Members connect to a trusted doctor in less than 60 seconds.

CirrusMD delivers immediate, affordable, high quality care at scale. Activated members meet trusted doctors in under a minute — it’s the fastest point of care in the industry.

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Smart technology supports physicians delivering seamless care.

Leveraging chat-enabled smart technology to surface the right information to doctors at the point of care streamlines the healthcare experience and sets both patients and physicians up for greater success. 

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Frictionless care guidance to high-quality, cost-effective in-network resources.

CirrusMD physicians have access to each patient’s benefits and in-network resources to guide individuals to their next best steps in care – further streamlining the patient’s care journey and increasing utilization of plan-sponsored benefits.


Our Proven Results

Happy Patients Return

Members who use CirrusMD once, come back again when they need care.



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Perpetual Savings

Ongoing savings happen as patients shift from urgent care or ER to virtual care.



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Patient Satisfaction

Patients love the experience. In fact, our patient satisfaction rate is...



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Imagine a care team always on stand-by

At CirrusMD, we bring together activated members with trusted physicians, relevant resources, and smart technology to improve the care delivery experience. Physician-first Care and Guidance delivers the most accessible, equitable and cost effective care.

At scale.

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Proven to improve depression and anxiety outcomes

Every CirrusMD consultation begins with a primary care physician and smart technology to assess the patient’s physical and mental state. Physicians can provide immediate care to patients as well as leverage cost and quality data to guide patients to additional appropriate plan-sponsored resources.


Because CirrusMD encounters span 7 days, our doctors are available so patients can check in for progress updates. We prescribe antibiotics for just 8% of patients versus the traditional telehealth average of 52%.


Most encounters are resolved by our doctors.

And when necessary, CirrusMD doctors can identify clinically appropriate, plan-sponsored resources and in-network care options – guiding patients to the right benefits for them. Health coaches help with follow-up to ensure the care journey is completed.


Physician-first Care and Guidance is the preferred choice for smart care.


Health Plans

Benefits Consultants

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“CirrusMD aligns with our mission for simplicity. We wanted something that people could utilize whenever and wherever they were.”

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“There’s like no wait times, there’s no waiting room. The first time I saw the product I was shocked.”

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“I looked at one of my clients, 45% of their employees utilize the service and 60% came back a second time.”

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