Support your employees with the care they need, when they need it.

Physician-first Care & Guidance is smart care delivered at scale. Built for immediacy, cost-efficiency, ease of use and equity for your entire team.

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Physician-first Care and Guidance for you and your team.

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Support Your Team’s Health

Support employees with instant access to primary, urgent, acute and preventative care.

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Provide Expert Care Guidance

Employees connect to an expert physician for physician-led integrated care journey.

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Deliver Patient-Centered Care

Employees receive holistic care from a multi-disciplinary team of physicians and health coaches.

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Improve Patient Satisfaction

96% of patients report satisfaction with their CirrusMD experience.

Your Benefits are Better with CirrusMD

Physician-first Care

Benefit Utilization

Better Outcomes

Physician-first care supports early diagnosis and treatment. Every encounter at CirrusMD begins with a physician in less than 60 seconds.

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Physician guidance drives benefit awareness and utilization. Physicians have access to member benefits and in-network resources to streamline the care experience.

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Smart technology surfaces additional health risks, identifying potential issues for physicians to address – improving health outcomes across your population.

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Physician-first Care and Guidance to Your Entire Workforce

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Barrier-free Access

Employees can begin consulting with a doctor in less than 60 seconds. It’s immediate access to expert physicians.

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Begin and End With a Doctor

CirrusMD physicians are ready 24/7/365 to help patients with their care journey. Expert primary care doctors consult with specialists for seamless care.

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Human-to-Human Healing

Employees interact directly with a physician from start to finish. Our technology supports the physician, it never replaces them.

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Integrated Care Platform

Smart technology listens, learns and recommends, aiding physicians in finding issues beyond the primary complaint, then in directing employees to plan-sponsored resources when needed.

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Insightful Reporting

End-to-end reporting on member care journeys delivers population wide analytics and insights across the benefit ecosystem.

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Healthier Teams

We care for one patient at a time to change the trajectory of each person’s journey. And deliver care at scale to impact the health of your entire population.

Employers and Employees Love CirrusMD

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Benefits Leader

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“It was so easy and saved me hours of going to a clinic and waiting to be seen. I’ve used other virtual services through my insurance and had a poor experience and I almost didn’t try this service. However, this experience is so much better. Amazing.”

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“This system is blowing my mind right now! A doctor responded to my question within seconds, recommended a solution to my ailment, and sent a prescription to my pharmacy. All of this happened in the span of a few minutes and saved me SO MUCH time and money!”

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“The chat conversation was very similar to what I would have had in an in person visit, but took way less time (plus skipped the waiting in the office, and travel to and from). The doctor was very professional along with a good portion of personality.”

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“The demo was super insightful. They showed us an interaction of what it would be like for our workforce. Just seeing how quick and easy the experience was, and how quickly you could talk to their doctors and could get a response.”

Expanding the Value of Virtual Care in Today’s Healthcare Environment

See how physician-first care streamlines the patient health journey across benefit resources and care settings to deliver affordable, equitable care at scale.

Expanding the Value of Virtual Care in Today’s Healthcare Environment Industry Report