Designed for 100% of your workforce, 100% of the time.

CirrusMD delivers virtual care with the immediacy, ease, and equity that will appeal to all your workers. Full time and hourly. Insured and uninsured. Office employees and deskless workers.


Your employee’s well-being is your company’s well-being.

More Satisfied Employees

Retain your top talent. 92% of employees said access to CirrusMD improved their relationship with their employer.

More Productive Workers

Don't make your employees wait for care. Keep them healthy and on the job. Give them instant, on-demand access to primary care.

Better Employee Well-Being

CirrusMD's whole person care includes behavioral health proven to significantly reduce employee anxiety and depression.


92% of employees said access to CirrusMD improved their experience with their employer.

Benefits of offering CirrusMD to your employees

Higher Utilization

Proven ROI

Equitable Care

Your telehealth benefit won’t matter if your employees don’t use it. CirrusMD gets used at far higher rates than most telehealth solutions.


Providing CirrusMD to uninsured workers delivers a positive ROI (1.3:1). An average $398 savings per encounter occurs by directing care to the right setting, right provider.


All benefits bundles aren’t created equal. With CirrusMD, you can affordably offer Virtual Primary Care to even uninsured and part time employees.


Provide whole person care for your whole workforce

Immediate Gratification

Employees can begin consulting with a doctor on demand in less than 60 seconds. No other telehealth provider can match that speed.

Get Care, Anywhere

Because every consultation begins by chat, employees can discreetly confer with our doctors from any kind of work environment.

Personal, Human Connection

Employees interact directly with a physician from start to finish, with no bots or intake forms to get in the way.

Text-Based Familiarity

Conversing with a doctor on CirrusMD is just like texting with a friend.

Schedule Flexibility

Employees are not limited to a brief consultation window. They can interact at their preferred pace and cadence for up to 7 days.

Integrated Care

Multi-specialty physicians treat a wide range of issues from chronic care to behavioral health.

See what your peers are saying about CirrusMD

Benefits Leader

Education Employee

Hospitality Employee

Retail Employee

“The demo was super insightful. They showed us an interaction of what it would be like for our workforce. Just seeing how quick and easy the experience was, and how quickly you could talk to their doctors and could get a response.”

“It was so easy and saved me hours of going to a clinic and waiting to be seen. I’ve used other virtual services through my insurance and had a poor experience and I almost didn’t try this service. However, this experience is so much better. Amazing.”

“The chat conversation was very similar to what I would have had in an in person visit, but took way less time (plus skipped the waiting in the office, and travel to and from). The doctor was very professional along with a good portion of personality.”

“This system is blowing my mind right now! A doctor responded to my question within seconds, recommended a solution to my ailment, and sent a prescription to my pharmacy. All of this happened in the span of a few minutes and saved me SO MUCH time and money!”

92% of uninsured workers said access to CirrusMD improved their relationship with their employer.