Dec 5, 2022
CirrusMD Study Reveals 45% Average Reduction in Employee Turnover For National Retailer Whose Workers Used Its Virtual Care Solution

CirrusMD’s unique virtual care model drives up to 84% decrease in employee turnover for workers using its on demand solution more than once to instantly connect with doctors.

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CirrusMD today announced the results of a 15-month study measuring the effect of virtual care on employee turnover. The research study found a statistically significant correlation between virtual care utilization and lower employee turnover rates across all cohorts, including a 45% overall reduction among those who used CirrusMD’s virtual primary care at least once. 

CirrusMD Employee Turnover Study Methodology and Results

The research study analyzed eligibility file data from one of CirrusMD’s national retail customers, combined with virtual health encounter data, to determine if there is a correlation between use of CirrusMD and reduced employee turnover.  

The average across all employees revealed a 45% reduction in turnover among those workers who used CirrusMD’s virtual care at least once versus no utilization. The research also showed reduced turnover rates across specific employee cohorts, including:

  • Distribution Center Employees: -66%
  • Headquarters Employees: -58%
  • Store Employees: -34%
  • Employees with Benefits: -7%
  • Employees without Benefits: -32%

Worker retention was even better among employees who used CirrusMD multiple times over the research period. On average, employee turnover declined another 15% for those who consulted with CirrusMD physicians 2+ times versus those who had a single consultation. Employee turnover was reduced 84% among distribution center employees who used CirrusMD 2+ times. 

The Importance of Reducing Employee Turnover

Labor costs account for the largest operating expense at many US companies. To lower these costs, employers regularly look for ways to reduce employee turnover.

An April 2022 benchmark study by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) found that the average cost to hire a new employee was approximately $4,700. With the additional hard and soft costs of recruiting, onboarding and training a new employee, the total cost can equal three to four times an employee’s salary, according to Edie Goldberg, founder of talent management company E.L. Goldberg & Associates.

This study demonstrates the positive impact that comes when employees are offered a genuinely different experience that conforms to the way they want to consume healthcare. By enabling them to begin consulting with a physician on demand in less than 60 seconds, we’ve taken something that’s traditionally been convoluted, time-consuming, and inequitable and made it effortless and inclusive.

Jamie Hall President & CEO

About CirrusMD

CirrusMD delivers Physician-first Care & Guidance, a smart care model founded in the tenets of Advanced Primary Care. It brings together activated members with trusted physicians, relevant resources, and smart technology to change healthcare as we know it. CirrusMD improves speed to care, removes barriers to physicians, brings patient data into the care encounter, and promotes transparency at the point of referral. We believe that when you provide immediate, affordable care at scale you can drive the change needed to improve health and lower cost across an entire population.

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