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How it works


Prevent member utilization of high-cost points-of-care

CirrusMD is the only telemedicine company that allows patients to connect with an in-network doctor via chat in under one minute who can assess their needs, treat them, or guide them to the most appropriate point of care through their mobile device or computer.

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It only works if they use it

We built CirrusMD so people would want to use it, lucky for us and for your bottom line, they do! Our clients experience virtual care utilization rates as high as 30%, much higher than the industry average.

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Increase Member Retention

White labeled and integrated for an effective flow of information between the patient, their PCP, and your health plan.

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Use Cases

CirrusMD is the one source you need to meet all your virtual care needs:

  • Virtual Acute Care

  • Post-Acute Care / Discharge

  • Behavioral Health

  • Care Team Coordination
  • Home Health Care
  • Chronic Disease Management


With CirrusMD, you can:

  • Stay in touch with a local, in-network doctor through our chat-first workflow
  • Connect via video visits
  • Get a smart, in-network referral
  • Receive on formulary prescriptions
  • Access their health information


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