Behavioral Health Navigation at the Point of Care

Learn how a leader in employee benefits design set specific goals to improve their benefits in 2024 by addressing access, affordability, quality, and utilization.

Behavioral health navigation using virtual care

Pilot Study Client

Fortune100 company icon

Fortune 100 company

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Nationally dispersed employee population

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Offering CirrusMD to employees for 4+ years

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First Physician-first Care & Guidance pilot

Pilot Study Goals

Expand value of chat-first modality

Expand value of chat-first modality

Improve healthcare affordability for clients and patients

Improve affordability for clients and patients

Deliver guidance at the point of care icon

Deliver guidance at the point of care

Improve appropriate benefit utilization icon

Improve appropriate benefit utilization


Physician-first Care & Guidance, a new virtual primary care model launched by CirrusMD, provides instant access to care for diverse employee populations regardless of location. It delivers population-wide care for employers’ most costly and prevalent conditions and drives clinically appropriate utilization of benefit solutions such as behavioral health resources, virtual physical therapy, care management programs, centers of excellence and more.

• Chat-first modality provides direct access to a physician in under 60 seconds, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, anywhere in the U.S.
• Scalable platform keeps care affordable for clients and their employees
• AI-based proprietary engine delivers high-quality resources to physicians at the point of care
• Automated workflows drive utilization of employers’ largest areas of benefit investments

man using virtual care to get behavioral care and guidance from CirrusMD

Physician-first Care & Guidance effectively solves three of healthcare’s most pervasive problems with a physician at the point of care:

  • Immediate access to care
  • Relevant information including patient data, benefits and in-network resources
  • Care continuity


streamline virtual care access

Streamline Access

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Improve Affordability

virtual care utilization icon

Maximum Utilization

quality virtual care icon

Enhance Care Quality

Initial Results for Behavioral Health


Met 100% of patients with a behavioral health need in 60 seconds or less, eliminating barriers


Virtual-first front door delivered less expensive care for the employer and $0 cost to employee


New model of care supported the employer’s commitment to removing barriers for employees when accessing behavioral health care.

Care Quality

40% of all patients who needed additional resources were provided this information at the point of care

Physician-first Care & Guidance optimizes the point of care to bring greater value to:

Employers can provide their employees immediate access to care and their benefits when they need them most.

Patients receive immediate care as well as guidance to their own benefits programs and in-network resources.

Physicians receive patient-specific benefit resources and information automatically integrated into their clinical workflow.

Business Impacts & Outcomes


of behavioral health encounters were met by a doctor in 60 seconds or less, no wait times, no scheduling for behavioral health concerns.

Barriers to behavioral healthcare were removed; care was delivered at no cost to the employee.


of the time a doctor referred a patient to an employer-sponsored behavioral health benefit.

In these cases, physicians recognized an opportunity to support patients beyond their immediate behavioral health need.


Health coaches followed up with every patient who received a referral with their care plan.

30% of employees took advantage of this support.

Clinical Impacts & Outcomes for Behavioral Health

Virtual Care Clinical Impacts & Outcomes for Behavioral Health
GAD-7 virtual care for behavioral health study