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"My case was treated with the utmost efficiency and respect. Compassion is very important in healthcare, and it’s great to see that this system isn’t lacking in that department. Thank you for helping me."

"I will honestly probably never go to see a doctor in person again as long as I don't need to, I will always use CirrusMD if possible. Thank you so much for this opportunity. I absolutely love my employer even more now."

"I love using CirrusMD! It is a fantastic, valuable health care service. The response time on the app is instantaneous. I have had a resolution every time I use the service. THANK YOU It is such a time and money savings. I can have issues addressed in a very timely manner no matter where I am!"

“I love this app. I was able to get on the app and talk to a doctor at 3am about a mental health emergency in under a minute.”

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benefits consultant

"Dr. Jennifer Casaletto listened to my questions, asked good questions, and provided actionable recommendations. It was convenient to be able to use this service to ask some initial questions around some health concerns versus a more expensive office visit. Also convenient to be able to use this service outside typical doctor office hours."

Restaurant Employee
man using his phone

"I love that I can just text a doctor when I need to instead of having to pack my kids to go sit in my car for hours and wait to be seen at an urgent care facility. Thanks for having this available, it really helps more than you know."

Hospitality Employee

"Doctor Blake McKinney MD completely SURPASSED his responsibilities and frankly went ABOVE AND BEYOND in handling every issue I had. He was professional, and very respectful but MOST importantly, he was INFORMATIVE! Now, I feel COMPLETELY protected."

Hospitality Employee

Health Plan Members


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Commercial Health Plan

Commercial Health Plan

Manufacturing Employee on phone for telehealth

"This is a huge help especially being a single mom who most of the time takes care of everyone else and not herself."

Grocery Worker

"This platform is the best thing that’s ever happened in primary care. I love the flexibility. Today I took the last of my medication and was able to chat with a doctor to get it refilled in the moment instead of having to remember (and likely forgetting) to schedule an appt in the future and finding a time that worked with my schedule."

Teacher with student

"This was the easiest Dr visit ever and the Doctor responded very promptly and worked to determine my issue with me. I absolutely loved that I could do this on my own time and did have to be between 8-5 during the day. I will definitely use this again and recommend it to my friends and family."

Warehouse employee using telehealth

“I really like that I'm able to get medical advice quickly. I don't have to try a million things I found on Google, and I don't have to make a pointless doctor's appointment. Getting medical advice in real time is just amazing, I love this service, and all the doctors have treated me with respect.”

Warehouse employee using telehealth

“It was amazing! I would have waited over 3 hours to see a doctor for 5 mins. I got on here and had everything finished in under 15 mins. I can't tell you enough how happy I am with this experience!!!!!!”

Construction, Manufacturing, and Heavy Industry

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"Like no other, this experience is my first one but it was awesome, doctors at the reach of your fingers and they can answer all questions , can’t ask for anything else!"

Automotive Manufacturing Employee

“CirrusMD is so convenient! With 2 small children and working full time it's near impossible to get into the clinic for an appointment. The doctors are very efficient and helpful."

Textile Manufacturing Employee

"I love that I can just text a doctor when I need to instead of having to pack my kids to go sit in my car for hours and wait to be seen at an urgent care facility. Thanks for having this available, it really helps more than you know."

Food Processing Employee

K-12 School District

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Higher Education Software

"This service is such a blessing! As a teacher, it is hard to get in to see my Dr. after school hours, and so I often wait too long and get much worse before I get better! This app is a great stress and time off work reducer!"

Grocery employee

"I've always had such great experiences. The doctors are always quick and to the point yet explain everything in a way for me to understand."

Teacher with child

"I am a teacher and it is very difficult for me to talk to a doctor because of my hours. This was accessible and easy for me to do while still in class with my kids. My doctor was also incredible and detailed."

Construction worker on phone

“This is a phenomenal service, and I’m so happy that I took advantage of it instead of waiting until Monday when my symptoms could worsen.”

Hospitality worker

Mental Health and Speciality Care

Mental Health

Construction Worker


"Texting can be easier than a face-to-face visit when dealing with mental health issues. I truly appreciate the text service."

General Merchandise Retailer

“I think that’s about it! Thank you so much for taking care of my mental health. You are a hero!"

Construction Worker

"This was great! App is super easy to use, love the choices for gender and pronouns. Super great to copy and paste info in the text box too. Overall great experience!"

Department Store Chain