Apr 24, 2023
Annual CirrusMD Customer Satisfaction Survey

Delivering outstanding value to our clients, planning continuous improvement, and supporting innovative solutions.

Creating a More Equitable Care Model in Women’s Health

The team at CirrusMD is 100% committed to delivering outstanding value and service to our customers. So every year, we field a survey to get direct feedback on how we’re doing — and what we can do even better. For us, it’s not just a checkbox. It’s a genuine commitment to our customers, their employees and members. It’s how we find innovative ways to continually improve our services.

Goals of the Annual Customer Satisfaction Survey

We gather and evaluate feedback from our clients' to understand their overall satisfaction levels, assess risks, and capture feedback on CirrusMD's support structure, products and technology, and more. This feedback helps shape action plans that we use to maintain what's working well and address any areas that need improvement, plus find new opportunities for innovation.

Survey Results

  • Our recent customer survey generated a 57% response rate, which is significantly higher than the average response rate of 10%-15% for similar industry customer surveys 
  • The overall client satisfaction rate was 96%
  • 73% of clients participating in the survey indicated that they would be willing to be references to help CirrusMD win future business. 
  • The Client Success team was particularly excited that 100% of clients were satisfied with their implementation experience.

These results are a testament to CirrusMD's commitment to creating an exceptional onboarding experience.

Key Insights from the Survey

The survey responses revealed some key insights.

First, we’re very pleased that our customers see us as continuing to perform at the highest level, delivering significant value and exceeding their expectations in most areas.

Second, we are thrilled that so many customers focused on the ease of working with CirrusMD. Clients find us really easy to work with, citing our flexibility and innovation in bringing new ideas and solutions to solve key problems. And honestly, that’s why our team is here!

Areas for Improvement

CirrusMD is focused on innovation and continually striving to provide the best experience for its clients. Based on the survey feedback, we’ll continue to increase communication around our product roadmap, new product concepts, and new opportunities.

The Secret Sauce for Continual Improvement

We’re always focused on how we can deliver even greater value for our customers. In 2023, we will:

  • Focus on continuing education. We keep up-to-date on emerging market needs, trends, and competitive intelligence to ensure our Client Success team is equipped with the latest knowledge and skills.
  • Revisit client Quarterly Business Reviews.  We’ll be implementing some innovations around the data we present during our QBRs, focusing on outcomes and new ways to help our clients by leveraging their unique data set. We’re doing some very innovative things with AI and ML that are going to be game changers in terms of reporting.
  • Focus on process improvement. We’ll streamline our client implementation process even more, with several initiatives that will ensure a truly seamless experience.
  • Enhance  client-to-member communication. We can now optimize our automated marketing tool and explore innovative ways to build awareness and drive utilization, with more personalized outreach and new ways to engage members.


Our annual customer satisfaction survey plays a vital role in aligning our Client Success team with our customers. We’re committed to gathering and using feedback to continuously improve. 2023 brings some exciting opportunities for innovation, especially around our solution and data sets. We’re looking to enhance member engagement and continue delivering exceptional value to our clients and their employees and plan members.

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