Nov 10, 2023
Honoring Veterans: A Family Legacy of Supporting Veterans Continues at CirrusMD
Creating a More Equitable Care Model in Women’s Health

In my role at CirrusMD, I am responsible for the day-to-day management of our relationship with the Veterans Administration, and part of the team that supports VA Health Chat.

I came to work at CirrusMD two years ago, feeling like it was an opportunity to make a difference.  I love that the ethos of our company is removing barriers of access to care, and to be in a role supporting Veterans in this capacity was even more exciting to me.

I was raised by my maternal grandmother, Rachel Clinkscale. She was only 39 when I was born so she was a very young grandmother. She was also a military widow, having lost my grandfather just 8 years prior.  My grandfather was Sergeant First Class James A. Bunn, Company A, 3rd Battalion, 506th (Airborne) Infantry Regiment, 1st Brigade, 101st Airborne Division.

He was voluntarily on his second tour of duty in Vietnam when he was killed in action in February of 1968. As a Sergeant over a platoon of younger soldiers, he felt deeply responsible for them and ultimately gave his life attempting to save one of them.

My grandparents were childhood sweethearts, but my grandfather was always a soldier at heart, having enlisted with his mother’s consent at just 17. After his death, my grandmother channeled her grief into action and became involved in the Gold Star Wives of America, which is a nonprofit organization instrumental in championing legislation and policies for military and Gold Star families. For two years in the mid-1980s, she served as their National President. One of the most vital memories from my childhood is my mother standing alongside President Reagan at the interment ceremony for the Vietnam Unknown soldier on Memorial Day 1984.

Because of this legacy, the importance of honoring those who have served, and those who made the ultimate sacrifice, has been deeply ingrained in me.

At CirrusMD, I’m honored to support an important service for Veterans — VA Health Chat — where I’m part of the team working together with the VA to provide virtual care services to more than 5.1 million Veterans nationwide. Being a part of an organization, having this role where I can help to support our Veterans, is a constant honor.

My heartfelt gratitude to all those who have served.

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