Feb 18, 2022

Virtual Primary Care Without Compromising Quality

Having a family means meeting diverse healthcare needs; whether you’re caring for a spouse, children or other family members. Care is typically delivered in silos, with each family member seeing different doctors, often in different locations. The larger the family, or the more diverse the members’ ages or conditions, the more complex the web of care delivery becomes.

One week you could be driving across town for your annual physical with your primary care doctor, the next traveling two towns away to bring your three-year-old son to his pediatrician for a possible ear infection, and the next sitting in urgent care for hours with your feverish 10-year-old daughter. 

As a family medicine physician, Donna M. Baldwin, D.O., Chief Quality Officer and Specialty Medical Director at CirrusMD, is able to treat an entire family using the company’s telehealth platform. The family member who is the primary beneficiary of the CirrusMD solution and all of his or her dependents can use the CirrusMD secure app to connect with her in seconds.

As a family medicine physician, I'm trained to see patients of all ages. Whether they're babies or older adults. And I have the ability to manage all kinds of different diseases and conditions, including acute illnesses or traumas to questions about feeding infants.

Donna M. Baldwin, D.O.Chief Quality Officer and Specialty Medical Director at CirrusMD

Chat first about all of your needs

Dr. Baldwin explains how CirrusMD’s “chat first” approach is particularly valuable to parents, enabling them to connect with a doctor via a secure text in just seconds to seek help on any number of topics. During the same chat with Dr. Baldwin, a patient can ask questions about his or her own health (e.g. should I be concerned about this tick bite?) and that of his or her family members (e.g. how do I get my five-year-old daughter to eat vegetables?). 

Parents can definitely benefit a lot from using chat to talk about their child or their children. One of the ways that I've seen them use it maybe a little bit differently is around the health maintenance or around being able to ask advice or a second opinion about what to do. As we all know, there's lots of information about when to start feeding, what to feed. Should you start sippy cups? Should you start letting the kid sleep through the night? So this is a great way for parents to get additional information.

Donna M. Baldwin, D.O.Chief Quality Officer and Specialty Medical Director at CirrusMD

Immediate access to qualified physicians 

According to Dr. Baldwin, the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated patients’ use of telehealth, and their understanding that doctors can effectively evaluate and treat them during a chat session, supplemented with photos and video when needed. Through the CirrusMD app, patients have 24 /7 access to a nationwide network of multi-specialty experts without leaving their homes. 

Patients are learning that there are things that they can get and get taken care of through telemedicine. That they don't need to take a half day off of work to go into the office or wait in the waiting room, or even go and sit in the emergency room waiting room for hours.

Donna M. Baldwin, D.O.Chief Quality Officer and Specialty Medical Director at CirrusMD

The CirrusMD provider network is held to the same high-quality standards as those who treat patients in person. As the company’s chief quality officer, Dr. Baldwin is responsible for measuring their quality and adherence to best practices. She and the CirrusMD specialty medical directors review all patient cases on a monthly basis to evaluate the care provided. The entire team of physicians also review their own cases and each other’s from a quality perspective. 

On our platform, we really strive at providing evidence-based advice and medical care to our patients. All of us rate each other, look at each other's encounters and give each other feedback.

Donna M. Baldwin, D.O.Chief Quality Officer and Specialty Medical Director at CirrusMD

A single point of contact for personalized care

While there is no one size fits all solution for healthcare, especially when it comes to family members of different ages with various concerns and conditions, the CirrusMD app offers a single point of contact and connection to qualified physicians who can guide each individual patient on a personalized course of care.

I love being a telehealth physician. It's something that I've been doing in one form or another for the past 20 plus years. But now being able to focus on taking care of patients exclusively with telehealth has been such a great, rewarding career. I love being able to take care of patients of all ages. Infants all the way up to adults. I love taking care of families.

Donna M. Baldwin, D.O.Chief Quality Officer and Specialty Medical Director at CirrusMD