Mar 13, 2022

Virtual Primary Care Built for Families

How many times have you or a family member gotten sick, injured or had questions about your health outside of your doctor’s regular office hours? Our bodies don’t play by the rules – in many cases we need care or have concerns at night, on the weekend, on holidays, etc. When you or a member of your family isn’t feeling well, having to wait to speak with a doctor can be frightening – sometimes you just need reassurance that everything is OK. 

Using a “chat first” telehealth platform, patients can seek and receive care anytime and anywhere, and with the right scalable platform, immediately connect to a licensed doctor 24 hours a day/7 days per week. They may have a quick question about a medication in the morning before heading off to work or could be caring for a feverish family member in the middle of the night. Regardless of the circumstance, successfully implemented telehealth should deliver an exceptional patient experience, with the convenience and care promised.

Family medicine physician, Donna M. Baldwin, D.O., Chief Quality Officer and Specialty Medical Director at CirrusMD, notes how this instant and unrestricted access is particularly valuable to parents. In this video clip, she describes the anxiety a parent can feel when a child is sick, they are unsure what to do and need a doctor’s advice on the situation. 

Telehealth for Parents’ Primary Care Needs

I think telehealth is really helpful for patients, especially parents. Even in the middle of the night or when they can't get in to see their primary care physician right away.

Donna M. Baldwin, D.O.,Chief Quality Officer and Specialty Medical Director at CirrusMD

Parents may also find that their “free time” to seek non-urgent medical advice related to their own health or that of their children falls outside of the 9 AM – 5 PM weekday schedule. Whenever a mom, dad or other caregiver has the time and the opportunity to ask questions, the CirrusMD team of doctors is available.

Recently a new mom contacted Dr. Baldwin via the CirrusMD app in the middle of the night, when she had a moment to chat, with a question on when to begin feeding her baby solid food.

It was something that the mom said was pretty simple and was apologetic for talking to me in the middle of the night, but it was a great opportunity because it met the time that the mom wanted to chat about it.

Donna M. Baldwin, D.O.,Chief Quality Officer and Specialty Medical Director at CirrusMD

While we often think of the patients and their time constraints around accessing care, we typically don’t consider physicians and their need for flexibility when providing it. Dr. Baldwin says one challenge with traditional care, where a physician sees a patient in his or her office during a scheduled appointment, is the inability to maintain an ongoing dialogue about the health issue or concern. She explains how the CirrusMD platform enables her to spend as much time as she needs with each patient, suggest different care strategies, track the patient’s progress, answer questions that arise and help guide him or her with the best course of care.

What I love about the CirrusMD platform is that I'm not rushed to make a decision with a patient. That I can take as much time as I need and as much time as they need to be able to make sure that I've answered all their questions, given them advice and be able to assure them that we're here 24/7. And if they think of anything or want to come back on to talk about something else, that we are here.

Donna M. Baldwin, D.O.,Chief Quality Officer and Specialty Medical Director at CirrusMD

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