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See how employers in education are addressing DE&I with virtual care.

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Traditional virtual care doesn’t make the grade for educators and their families

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Lack of Privacy

Video virtual care consultations require a quiet space to share confidential health information. Something in short supply at many schools and learning centers.

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Limited Internet Access

Educators in rural locations are often without reliable high speed access for video-based virtual care consultations.

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Schedule Constraints

Traditional virtual care sessions can be a challenge since they require busy educators to book appointments that may not align with their work schedule.

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No Personalized Care

Educators are busy. They don’t have time to waste interacting with bots and filling out intake forms when all they want is to connect with a real doctor.

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CirrusMD is different.

We offer educators anytime, anywhere healthcare that conforms to their work demands.

"I am a teacher, and it is very difficult for me to talk to a doctor because of my hours. CirrusMD was accessible and easy for me to do while still in class with my kids. My doctor was also incredible and detailed.”


No appointments

Every CirrusMD session is on demand. No appointment required.

No waiting

Educators and their family members can connect with a doctor in less than a minute.

No time limits

With CirrusMD, educators have unlimited access to our doctors for 7 days, billed as a single encounter.

No boundaries

Discreetly consult with our physicians from anywhere: a classroom, a break room, or from home at 3 a.m.

Integrated, quality care from board-certified, multi-specialty physicians

"Dr. Wong was extremely helpful, friendly and actually cared about my individual circumstances. This was the smoothest, least inconveniencing interaction I’ve ever had with any medical professional.”

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Never pressed for time

Our consultations are not rushed like other virtual care providers. Because our doctors are paid hourly, not by the number of completed encounters.

Diverse, like your employees

55% of CirrusMD physicians are women, and 33% are persons of color.

Saughar Samali, DO
Family Medicine

Sara Herstad, MD
Family Medicine

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John Dutton MD
Emergency Medicine

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