Care for the employees who care for your customers

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Expanding the Value of Virtual Care in Today’s Healthcare Environment

See how physician-first care streamlines the patient health journey across benefit resources and care settings to deliver affordable, equitable care at scale.

92% of uninsured workers said access to CirrusMD improved their relationship with their employer on a computer screen

Virtual care that meets the needs of busy hospitality services employees.

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Support Your Team’s Health

Support employees with instant access to primary, urgent, acute and preventative care.

Provide Expert Care Guidance

Employees connect to an expert physician for a physician-led integrated care journey.

Deliver Patient-Centered Care

Employees receive holistic care from a multi-disciplinary team of physicians and health coaches.

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Exceptional Patient Satisfaction

96% of patients report satisfaction with their CirrusMD experience.

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CirrusMD is different.

We offer hospitality workers anytime, anywhere healthcare that conforms to their work demands.

"This is a huge help, especially being a single mom who most of the time takes care of everyone else and not herself.”

Hospitality Employee

No appointments

Every CirrusMD encounter is on demand. No appointment required.

No waiting

Don't keep your waitstaff waiting. Connect them with a doctor in less than 60 seconds.

No time limits

With CirrusMD, hospitality employees have unlimited access to our doctors for 7 days, billed as a single encounter.

No constraints

Hospitality workers can discreetly consult with our doctors from anywhere: a reservation desk, a kitchen, a break room, or from their living room.

Integrated, quality care Integrated, quality care from board-certified, multi-specialty physicians

"The doctor was very helpful in easing my concerns. He seemed to have a very personal interest in me. It gives me peace of mind to know I have a doctor at my fingertips.”

Hotel Employee

Not rushed

Our consultations are not rushed like other virtual care providers. Because our doctors are paid hourly, not by the number of completed encounters.

Diverse and equitable

55% of CirrusMD physicians are women, and 33% are persons of color.

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Justin Chang, MD
Emergency Medicine

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Family Medicine

Dr Redfield

Juanita Redfield, MD
Family Medicine

We work as hard as hospitality workers. And have the numbers to prove it.



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