An Effective Virtual Care Solution for Narrow Network Health Plan Members

On-demand virtual care helps health plan control costs, improve care quality, and create a more engaging member experience.

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The Challenge

In the competitive marketplace, this narrow network health plan aims to control costs while ensuring best-in-class access to high-quality care. The plan wanted to create a virtual care solution that would improve choice and access to quality care, enhance member satisfaction and engagement, improve management of in-network referral streams, and differentiate the brand in a crowded market. 

They needed a virtual care solution that would provide a world-class experience to their members, positively impact member perception of the brand, and deliver the highest quality care, anytime it was needed.

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  • 20.3% Annual Utilization
  • 29% Monthly Utilization High for Engaged Employee Groups
  • 52% Loyal Return Users
  • 4.5 Average Uses Per Year

The Solution: Partnering with CirrusMD

This narrow network health plan partnered with CirrusMD to design a branded chat-first solution that connects members with dedicated doctors in less than a minute, 24/7/365. Accessible to members without appointments or upfront costs, this solution delivers a more accessible, convenient, and economical option within the plans’ narrow network system, without sacrificing quality of care. 

This member-centric solution has actually improved engagement and satisfaction rates across the board. Since launch, the plan’s partnership with CirrusMD has supported thousands of encounters and driven annual utilization rates over 20%. Beyond engagement, the partnership created a bold impact on the plan’s bottom line, saving hundreds of dollars per encounter while effectively maintaining quality outcomes for a healthier, happier patient base overall.

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Happier Members

Our doctor was awesome! He was patient. And kind. He took additional time to call the pharmacist right before they closed and pushed my son’s meds through. So thankful for that. I was able to give him his first dose that night!”

The response was almost immediate, and the physician was both empathetic and efficient. I appreciated the peace of mind knowing that a physician was just a text away and that I didn’t seek unnecessary care.” 

A great experience. I was able to carry on a chat with a doctor as I worked with my students.”

telehealth visit at grocery store

Dedicated Physicians, Better Outcomes

  • 71 Net Promoter Score
  • 93% Member Satisfaction
  • $398 average savings per encounter
  • 48% total Emergency Department and Urgent Care diversion
  • $667K reported 1-month savings

*Results are based on health plan claims data via self-reported post-encounter member surveys, asking members where they would have obtained care without access to the virtual care solution.