Jan 25, 2023

Can access to care improve your employee attrition rates?

For less than an hour of an employee’s pay, you can provide on-demand access to physician-led healthcare for a year.

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This is a challenging environment for employers

  • Employee satisfaction and loyalty are plummeting1
  • Qualified workers are in short supply2 
  • Costs to recruit, train and fully onboard employees continue to rise3 

Employers are left to ride out this perfect storm, fully aware that stakes have never been higher to retain their top talent and maintain staffing continuity.

Continuing to increase wages isn’t sustainable.  

Expanding health benefits is an option, but with systems designed to put barriers between patients & doctors (think navigators, schedulers, etc.), that may not deliver what employees want. 

So what can employers do, especially in industries with unbenefited part-time and seasonal workers, where turnover is most acute?

There’s a key to reducing employee turnover. 

What if you could provide employees and their dependents with a health benefit that delivers so much value, it demonstrably improves satisfaction and loyalty?

The benefit is instant access to physician-led on-demand healthcare.

When offered to an entire workforce, even seasonal, part-time and unbenefited workers, CirrusMD is proven to significantly help reduce employee turnover. 

A recent study with a large national retailer found an average 45% reduction in employee turnover for workers who had used CirrusMD virtual primary care benefit at least once. Turnover was reduced another 15% for those who used the benefit 2+ times. 

Connect to a better model of care.

Your employees’ encounters begin in an instant, with a doctor who can treat a spectrum of needs and conditions, from acute to chronic, across a wide range of specialties including women’s health and behavioral health. Encounters flow at the patient’s convenience, even if the employee needs to pause to help a customer or attend a meeting. And if specific follow-up care is needed, CirrusMD physicians help keep your employees connected with their available benefits, directing them to in-network providers. 

With an average savings of $398 per encounter, plus cost reductions from chronic condition management, and strong utilization rates, a new model has emerged. 

Today, CirrusMD is working with employers who are redistributing savings from their insured workforce to cover uninsured workers with virtual access to care. And in doing so, they’re tangibly improving worker loyalty and satisfaction. In fact, research from one large employer showed 92% of uninsured workers said access to CirrusMD improved their relationship with their company.

Improving access starts with everyone. 

CirrusMD improves employee and employer relations, especially for those who have lacked access to healthcare, struggle with traditional models, or feel underserved by the care that’s available to them. We’re committed to expanding access. A recent enhancement to the patient experience is real-time translation for Spanish-first speakers. Patients can chat in Spanish, and the encounter is fully translated for both physician and patient.

Effective employee retention and access to healthcare can help save an organization from productivity losses. It’s worth asking: Is your current virtual care solution helping or hurting when your employees need care?

1 MetLife Study: declining worker sat (Retail 58%; Food service 60%). Loyalty lowest in retail (65%), manufacturing & educational services (69%)

2 RSM US Study: Tight supply of skilled and unskilled workers

3 SHRM 2022 Study: Average cost to hire a new employee $4,700

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