Jun 21, 2022
CirrusMD Makes It Easier for Users with Limited English Proficiency to Access Virtual Care

Launch of new language support capability will allow users to confer with doctors in their preferred language

CirrusMD Makes It Easier for Users with Limited English Proficiency to Access Virtual Care

CirrusMD, the fastest growing provider of on-demand telemedicine, today announced the launch of language support functionality that will enable non-native English speakers to converse with physicians using their preferred language. 

CirrusMD users can now select this option at any point during an encounter with a physician and, once activated, enter text in their preferred language. The remainder of the chat transcript will then display to the patient and provider in both English and the preferred second language. 

“Providing equitable access to healthcare, especially to underserved populations, has always been at the core of CirrusMD’s mission,” said Dr. Justin Chang, VP, CirrusMD Provider Network. “Launching this new capability will expand health access to persons with limited English proficiency and further leverage the power of chat to transcend barriers to care.”

The new functionality will begin with language support between English and Spanish, and roll out with other languages planned for further development. In addition to the chat text, patient navigation and field names will also be fully translated, and progress notes documenting a patient's clinical status will appear in both languages.

About CirrusMD

CirrusMD is a different kind of telemedicine company. In less than a minute, patients connect with a licensed physician and conduct a care encounter at their pace and convenience. It’s true healthcare on demand; easy and effortless, with no appointments needed. 

CirrusMD’s integrated care is delivered via multi-specialty, board-certified clinicians able to treat a broad range of conditions, from acute to chronic, and from primary care to specialty areas, including behavioral health. CirrusMD is available to nearly 10 million users across all 50 states, and exclusively offered through employer benefits programs, employee health and benefits brokerages, health insurance plans, and reseller partners. A growing number of employers are providing CirrusMD to their full- and part-time workers, even to uninsured workers, to help ensure all employees can receive care whenever it’s needed most.

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