Oct 1, 2023

CirrusMD Launches New Model of Care “Physician-first Care & Guidance”

New model founded in advanced primary care creates a new virtual point of care to streamline a patient’s health journey across resources and settings.

CirrusMD new leadership team appointments

CirrusMD today announced a new category of care delivery, Physician-first Care & Guidance. This new solution improves access and speed to care for patients, reduces time and information barriers for physicians, brings patient data into the care encounter, and promotes transparency at the point of referral – improving the point of care for all stakeholders.

This new category defines a first-of-its-kind model of care created by CirrusMD, built on three key pillars: 

  • Founded in the tenets of Advanced Primary Care
  • Concurrent care delivered through a matrixed staffing model and multidisciplinary clinical team 
  • Integrated care platform powered by clinical intelligence to support physicians

Why Reinvent Virtual Care?

Telehealth or telemedicine has improved convenience, reduced cost, and expanded access to care for millions of Americans, but many believe the promise of care delivered virtually has not lived up to its full potential expected by plan sponsors, physicians, and ultimately patients. Initially created to replicate an in-person doctor visit over the web via video or voice, telehealth improved access but with all of the limitations of a one-to-one encounter. 

What’s still missing from today’s virtual care environment is an integrated, physician-first model that directs and delivers care across an individual's entire health journey. Today, CirrusMD is leading a virtual care movement that places the physician first and realigns data and technology in support of the doctor-patient relationship. This creates a more seamless, efficient, and patient-centric care experience.

Advancing the Care Model

CirrusMD is committed to leading the charge to expand the value of virtual care. In an era of on-demand services, both patients and physicians can and should expect to be supported by today’s technology with faster access, better information, and smarter tools. Our focus at CirrusMD has been to reimagine the point of care in support of healthcare’s most trusted resource – the physician, and to give them, in an easily digestible and actionable way, exactly what they need to deliver exceptional care to their patients every time. Our ability to deliver this level of high-quality, affordable care at scale means that more people have greater access to the care they need, the moment they need it.

Jamie Hall President and CEO of CirrusMD

How Does Physician-first Care & Guidance Work?

CirrusMD meets patients in their moment of need, connecting patients to physicians in less than a minute from the time they decide to take action, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. By connecting activated members with trusted physicians, relevant resources, and smart technology, the experience for patients and physicians is improved. Connecting an activated patient with a trusted, trained, and informed doctor initiates a more efficient care journey, improving experience and outcomes, while reducing costs for individuals as well as plan sponsors. This is Physician-first Care & Guidance.

Benefits by Stakeholder

  • For the patient: Care is more accessible, productive, and satisfying. Delays in care are reduced while a more proactive and personalized care journey can be provided.
  • For the plan sponsor: CirrusMD reduces the overall cost of care, meeting patients in their moment of need, improving utilization of healthcare benefits and high-quality, in-network resources, improving the health outcomes of their populations.
  • For the physician: Delivering care is more efficient and satisfying. CirrusMD doctors are provided with the time and information needed to deliver effective, holistic care to more satisfied patients.

About CirrusMD

CirrusMD delivers Physician-first Care & Guidance, a smart care model founded in the tenets of Advanced Primary Care. It brings together activated members with trusted physicians, relevant resources, and smart technology to change healthcare as we know it. CirrusMD improves speed to care, removes barriers to physicians, brings patient data into the care encounter, and promotes transparency at the point of referral. We believe that when you provide immediate, affordable care at scale you can drive the change needed to improve health and lower cost across an entire population.

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