Apr 23, 2024

CirrusMD Turns 12

12 Years, 10+ Million Lives, 2.1+ Million Encounters, and 100% Scalability

CirrusMD Turns 12

Virtual care has changed a lot in 12 years. And we like to think we’ve had something to do with that. Since 2012, we’ve been finding ways to deliver the most scalable, affordable, and highest quality care. And today, we’re fast-tracking new ways to improve healthcare experiences and delivery.

The team at CirrusMD is proud to have built a growing virtual care solution, exceptional physician network, inclusive patient base, and collaborative relationships with business partners that contribute to our clients' success.

CirrusMD Advanced Virtual Primary Care - What it means

With Physician-first Care & Guidance, the point of care is where the most important elements of care begin:

  • We meet the patient in their moment of need, less than 60 seconds from initial outreach. 
  • We address the patient’s primary health issue as well as additional underlying risks. 
  • We provide a 7-day encounter window to ensure patients have plenty of time to start a treatment plan, ask questions, and address any follow-up needs. 
  • We meet the patient with a physician, supported by a multidisciplinary care team of board-certified physicians and health coaches, with access to specialists.
  • We access the patient’s in-network resources, as well as cost and quality data, to better support and guide the patient to the next best steps in their care journey. 
  • The entire care experience is supported by an integrated care platform, powered by an AI-driven clinical intelligence engine. Doctors access the most relevant information exactly when they need it.

Our most recent achievement came as we announced a new category of care delivery known as Physician-first Care & Guidance. This new model improves access and speed to care for patients, reduces time and information barriers for physicians, brings patient data into the care encounter, and promotes transparency at the point of referral – improving the point of care for all stakeholders.

We’re committed to increasing the value and opportunities of virtual care, and by reimagining the point of care, our physicians can deliver exceptional care every time. 

We’ll keep harnessing the most advanced technology to build the best physician experience. We’ll create the extraordinary, on-demand care that our patients need, crossing over traditional boundaries of virtual care. We’ll expand our partnerships to build a completely seamless network of care. Because our aim is to provide barrier-free, high quality, equitable care to patients that need it — whenever they need it, wherever they are. We are thrilled to celebrate 12 years and can’t wait to see what the next 12 have in store!  Because when you provide immediate, affordable care at scale you can drive the change needed to improve health and lower cost across an entire population.

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