May 6, 2021

CirrusMD Partners with FlexCare Digital Health to Deliver On-demand Virtual Care Services to Employers and Brokers

CirrusMD, the fastest growing provider of on-demand virtual care services, announced its partnership with FlexCare Digital Health, a leading provider of online and on-demand healthcare delivery services to private and public employers. 

The partnership allows FlexCare’s employer groups to access the CirrusMD Provider Network of licensed, multi-specialty physicians, delivering text-first care to members throughout the U.S. Using their proprietary technology, FlexCare will handle all administration, eligibility and billings while also providing texting, telephonic and video access to all members, using the FlexCare custom mobile app.

FlexCare is excited to partner with CirrusMD. Our organizations share important objectives, including lowering costs, reducing absenteeism, increasing productivity and delivering immediate and convenient access to the highest quality care available. This partnership provides our members a text first option in addition to telephonic and video access. FlexCare is continually expanding the Digital Health services we provide to our members, and are excited to team with CirrusMD to enhance the virtual care experience we deliver.

Lee ShoemakePrincipal of FlexCare

Overcoming Barriers to Traditional Telemedicine

While the use of telemedicine has grown significantly in recent years — with COVID-19 propelling many new users to try virtual care for the first time — not all patient experiences are created equal. For example:

  • Many telehealth solutions recreate a brick-and-mortar model that requires patients to schedule and wait for appointments.
  • Patients spend long wait times in queues.
  • Patients have to find private locations to conduct video- or voice-based visits.
  • Chatbots are often placed in front of the patient, creating long pre-encounter sessions that must be completed before actual care can take place.

Easiest Access to Highest Quality Care

With a shared commitment to change the accessibility and convenience of care, the FlexCare Digital Health and CirrusMD relationship will enable easy, immediate access to the highest quality care, in an environment where members can personally interact with physicians. By delivering care via text — the medium most people are already using throughout the day — more people seamlessly access care for any issue, from any location, receiving physician-directed guidance to concerns ranging from urgent health questions to chronic care management to behavioral health.

Today, improving care delivery is about ease and quality of care, immediacy, and personal care for the individual. Our physicians cover a range of specialties and our integrated care model gives a patient a single point of entry to address a multitude of needs. We’re honored to partner with FlexCare, and share their tremendous commitment to providing the best care for their members.

Andrew AltorferCEO and co-founder, CirrusMD

About FlexCare

FlexCare Digital Health is a leading provider of online and on-demand healthcare delivery services to private and public employers, associations, brokers, school systems and more. By using Digital Health services instead of more expensive urgent care and ER visits, FlexCare cuts unnecessary costs and keeps members smiling (instead of waiting).

In addition to Telemedicine, FlexCare also offers TeleDentistry, Caregiver/Companionship Support, Dermatology, Behavioral Health, Telespine and other Digital Health services.

Learn more about FlexCare Digital Health:

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