Jan 28, 2023

Healthcare+Cost+Retention = Value

In-Value-Able Conference on Healthcare Cost Retention and Value

Join CirrusMD at the 2023 In-Value-Able conference, being held in person Feb. 8-9, at the Huntington Convention Center in Cleveland, Ohio. The In-Value-Able Conference Series is designed to help attendees discover new information from nationally recognized experts, across industries.

This conference assembles heads of Human Resources, Benefits, Wellness, Total Rewards, HR Finance and other community leaders from around the country, in a format designed to help open doors, expand circles, and find new ways to transform employee benefits programs.

CirrusMD is proud to co-host a live session on February 9 from 10:05-11:05 AM ET, providing an interactive discussion examining ways that primary care can enhance outcomes. Join the dialogue and explore the ways that Healthcare + Cost + Retention = Value. 

CirrusMD’s Chief Quality and Innovation Officer, Dr. Donna Baldwin, and Vice President of Employer Markets, Jeff Voss will present findings from a recent study conducted with a large employer group, which revealed that employees using their virtual primary care benefit remained with the employer at a much higher rate than those who didn’t. In fact, an average of 45% higher!

But it gets even better.he employee group with the greatest retention rate was the uninsured worker group — the employees receiving a virtual healthcare benefit for free, who otherwise would not have health insurance coverage. This study explains the usage, value, employee response, and types of care being delivered. Attendees will also learn how employers can fund a healthcare model so that fairness and equity live in harmony with fiscal responsibility.

Check out the complete agenda here.

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