Feb 2, 2024
Increasing Benefit Utilization and ROI With Best Practice-based Member Communications

Point solution fatigue is hurting employers and employees. What are the best practices to drive utilization of your healthcare benefits?

You’ve invested time and money in point solutions that cover just about every type of care for your employees, yet when you look at results, you’re still seeing underutilization and minimal ROI.

Of course you want to help employees take better care of themselves and their families in the most cost-effective and convenient ways, but how do you help employees help themselves with the right care solutions? 

When employees have a health concern, whether it’s a long term issue or an urgent care need, they want a doctor right away. They don’t want to weed through dozens of websites or solutions trying to figure out what to do.

That’s why CirrusMD has launched Physician-first Care & Guidance — where in less than a minute, employees are chatting with physicians who can help diagnose and treat their issue, or guide them to a resource that’s available through their plan or employer.

Reaching people at the right time

Because we can’t ever know the exact moment an employee will need care, we work around the clock to make sure there’s always a physician ready to help, and always a direct and easy path for care. Our member communications practices are leading the industry in creating fast and simple registration, and giving employees instant access to care on-demand. 

CirrusMD clients experience higher levels of registration and utilization

There’s a strong partnership program between CirrusMD and clients, and a data-driven, best practice-based outbound program that focuses on delivering valuable educational content throughout the year.

We’ve found that taking a multi-pronged approach that includes both digital and physical communications when possible, and leveraging a range of digital options from text to email, helps increase awareness and familiarity more quickly. By co-branding CirrusMD with our client’s logo, our communications help build recognition and trust among employees, which in turn helps increase open rates and engagement, and a faster path to utilization.

What’s working?

It generally takes 3-4 touchpoints before a member takes action, so we like to provide ongoing communications in convenient formats like text. We give ongoing examples of how and when to use CirrusMD (women’s health questions, men’s health concerns, seasonal issues, reminders of common screenings, etc.)

We’ve created a system that usually gets a member registered in seconds, and once registered, we’ll continue encouraging them to take advantage of having a doctor available to them every moment of every day. Across our client base we find that employees love the service. Our member satisfaction scores are at 96% and almost half of the patients who use the service come back to use it the next time they need care. 

CirrusMD fits into everyday life, with an easy to use, low cost model (often free to many employee groups), which makes it easy to help grow utilization and return on your investment in virtual care. 

Do CirrusMD physicians help employees find additional care?

Yes, in fact, CirrusMD physicians are armed with specific information about resources available to every employee. Our physicians work on an intelligent clinical engine that assists each doctor by “listening” to patient encounters and providing physicians with suggestions. For example, an employee experiencing sleeplessness may also be feeling some extra anxiety; the smart system notifies the physician of the patient’s potential health risks and available tests (such as a PHQ-9 or GAD-7), along with in-network or benefit resources for follow-up care based on the physician’s assessment.

It’s all about partnerships

Our technology partner Braze has teamed with us to create a smart, efficient communication environment for member engagement. In turn, we partner with our clients to build and implement sustainable member communications plans that aim to deliver the best results, including scaling personalized lifecycle campaigns that engage patients based on how they’re utilizing CirrusMD. 

Quick example of member marketing results — we recently launched a campaign with a large U.S. employer that resulted in:

  • 120% growth in new member registrations
  • 48% growth in utilization

Our relentless focus is on helping clients achieve several essential goals: the first is delivering care for your employees in the most convenient and affordable way, at the highest quality standards. The second is helping you improve the results of your employee health benefit investments, by driving both utilization of CirrusMD for advanced primary care, and your other invested benefits to help improve employee health.

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